Computer Skill Unite

Technical Affairs Tasks (Girls' campus)

The technical support division is part of the Computer Skills Unit.  It aims to provide technical support for faculty members, administrative staff and university students, particularly preparatory  year students.

The division is also very keen to equip and develop the working environment to meet the needs of scientific development.

Beneficiary Groups:

·        Members of the Computer Skills Unit (academic/administrative)

·        University sudents

·        University Faculties and Administrations

Technical Affairs Tasks:

For Computer Skills Unit members:

1.     Providing technical support with regards to computers, printers, faxes, electronic grading devices once the required request form  is filled out and sent to the following e-mail:

2.     Reserving labs for lecturers once the reservation/change of lab request form is filled out  and sent to the following e-mail:

3.     Training the unit’s academic members on proper usage of the new equipment, such as electronic grading devices and smart boards.

4.     Assembling new computer devices and connecting them with the network, University programs and printers if available.

5.     Modifying and maintaining the equipment for the members of the Computer Skills Unit.

6.     Communicating with the University faculties’ technicians to provide whatever services that are beneficial for students.

7.     Contacting maintenance companies for any complicated damage of the devices.

8.     Setting technical specifications for the required devices in the unit.

9.     Inventory of the devices located in the offices, laboratories and storage of the unit.

10. Preparing letters associated with technical service transactions.

11. Checking the technical support e-mail continuously.

For University students:

1.     Providing the labs with the latest equipment needed for lecturing and conducting electronic exams

2.     Supervising the electronic exams and providing assistance to  students when needed

3.     Providing training courses for students during the summer break

4.     Providing necessary programs for  students

5.     Supporting  students

For Faculties and Administrations:

1.     Equipping the computer skills labs with necessary devices for conducting lectures and holding training courses for students and university staff.

2.     Providing support and supervision in the usage of the electronic grading devices.

Computer skills unit laboratories

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