Computer Skill Unite

Educational Affairs (student section)

Services Provided:

·        Allocating  faculty members and students among the course sections.

·        Solving student-related problems, such as: No Show students, suspended students, special cases.

·        Sending electronic material and academic year calendars to faculty members at the beginning of each semester.

·        Scheduling examinations for preparatory year students in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

·        Communicating with the Deanship of E-Learning & Distance Education to conduct and organize theoretical examinations.

·        Checking theoretical & practical examination grades.

·        Communicating  with students and solving their problems.

Examination Instructions:

·        Providing faculty members with theoretical/practical examination dates.

·        Providing faculty members with practical examination questions.

·         Preventing suspended and no-show students from attending the examinations.

Information to be given to students:

·        The student should attend the theoretical examination as scheduled for his  or her section.

·        The student should show up for the exam dressed in proper attire.

·        A list is prepared with names and signatures of the students acknowledging their awareness of the theoretical and practical examination dates.

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