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Am I aloud to change sections?

A. Changes are not possible except by the Deanship of Admission & Registration.


Q. Where can the course’s curriculum be found for Entizam, entisab and distance learning students?

A. It can be found in the Computer Skills Unit website under “course curriculum”.


Q. Am I allowed to review the final exam paper?

A. The student is permitted to review the paper upon visiting the Academic Affairs Office.


Q. If I fail a course, am I required to repeat it again or only attend the final exam?

A. If a student fails a course by scoring less than 60 marks, the course is added to the student’s schedule and she is required to attend all lectures and not only the final exam.


Q. Am I allowed to drop a course and postpone it to another semester?

A. Preparatory year students are not permitted to drop the course.  However, students doing their majors (Entizam, entisab, distance learning) are.


Q. If I receive DN in a course what does it mean?

A. For Entizam students DN means that the student is not permitted to enter the exam.  However, for entisab students, DN means that the student did not attend the exam.


Q. Am I allowed to download the CENTRA lectures to listen to them later on?

A. Yes, the student is permitted to download the recorded lessons by visiting the entisab students’ page.


Q. I’m a distant learning student and I would like to know if I am not able to attend the distant teaching lectures, will I be considered absent?

A. In case a student playbacks a lecture, he is considered attendant.


Q. If I receive AT in a course what does it mean?

A. It means that you did not attend the final exam, and in this regard, have submitted an official excuse/report to the Deanship of Admission & Registration.  In this case, you are required to continuously contact the Educational Affairs until a re-examination is scheduled.

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