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Study Regulations


  • The Distance Learning Program is directed to all students of all ages and for both sexes who were not able to enroll as regular students due to their circumstances.
  • Students enroll in a course for a whole semester as a mandatory requirement to complete the courses assigned for the preparatory year. The course will be taken via EMES without the need to be present in the University premises.
  • It is not permitted for students to drop or add the course since the schedule is considered fixed for their preparatory year.
  •  One meeting per week is held to discuss obstacles that face the students.
  • The students are required to attend lectures, present assignments, participate with the lecturers and undergo periodic/final examinations like regular students. 
  • The course must be passed within the 1st year( preparatory year). In case of course failure, the student is only permitted to take an additional semester to complete the preparatory year’s requirements (provided that the overall duration for completion of preparatory year requirements does not exceed 3 semesters). 
  • If a regular student doing his or her major fails a course, he or she is permitted to take it in the following semester (Provided that the overall duration for degree completion dose not exceed 3 semesters).


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