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The student enrolls in a course for a whole semester as a mandatory requirement to complete the courses assigned for the preparatory  year.
  •  Students are not permitted to drop or add the course since the schedule is considered fixed for their preparatory year.
  • The course is automatically enrolled in the student’s schedule by the Deanship of Admission & Registration as per the academic plan for the preparatory  year.
  • The course must be passed within the 1st year ( preparatory  year).
  • In case of course failure, the student is only permitted to take an additional semester to complete the preparatory year’s requirements (provided that the overall duration for completion of preparatory year requirements does not exceed 3 semesters).
  • For regular students doing their majors, if a student fails the course, he or she is permitted to take it the following semester (provided that the overall duration for degree completion does not exceed 3 semesters).
  •  Students who are absent without acceptable excuses will not be permitted to take the final examination if their absenteeism during the semester exceeds 25% of the total theoretical/practical lectures for a specific course.  The mark obtained in the final transcript of records will be DN.

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