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Study Regulations
  • The External program is directed to all students of all ages and for both sexes who were not able to enroll as regular students due to their circumstances.
  • The student is enrolled in a course for a whole semester as a mandatory requirement to complete the courses assigned for the preparatory year. Attendance of lectures will occur electronically without the need to be present in the University premises.
  • It is not permitted for students to drop or add the course since the schedule is considered fixed for their preparatory year.
  • The University presents a preparation course (three weeks only) via virtual lectures (CENTRA)
  • The course must be passed within the 1st year ( preparatory year). In case of course failure, the student is only permitted to take an additional semester to complete the preparatory year requirements.
  • If a regular student doing his or her major fails a course, he or she is permitted to take it in the following semester (provided that the overall duration for degree completion does not exceed 3 semesters.)
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